5th Annual Conference 2015

SAID 5th Annual Conference

The 2015 Student Association of International Development (SAID) and the Faculty of Environment of the University of Waterloo are excited to announce that this year’s fifth annual conference will be entitled ‘ConflictED: Overcoming Adversity Through Education.’

The conference will take place February 27th, 2014 at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ontario. This year, we hope to encourage and inspire those who attend by educating them about the diverse issues of access to education in areas of conflict through keynote addresses, speaker presentations, round table discussions and interviews with practitioners.

Why Should I Come?

ConflictED will allow you to begin to grapple with both struggles and opportunities pertaining to access to education in conflict zones around the globe. We are hoping to provide you with some insight into such a complex and important issue within International Development. This conference will navigate through a wide spectrum of speakers including academics, agencies, and non-governmental organizations each with their own unique perspectives and stories on education, adversity, and conflict.

This conference will provide you with invaluable networking opportunities with professionals of all kinds, and an excellent space to engage with your professors outside of the classroom setting. Other opportunities include participating in round table discussions with seasoned development practitioners, and interacting with a variety of representatives from both global and local development organizations through professional displays and booths.

Whether you are a student of international development, politics, environment, and any related fields or simply exploring a personal interest, we hope that you will take advantage of this excellent opportunity. We look forward to engaging with you, and your unique perspectives on ConflictED.

Yours in learning,

The Waterloo Student Association of International Development


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