What in the world is SAID?

The Waterloo Student Association of International Development (SAID) is the elected representative body of all undergraduate students within the Faculty of Environment who are enrolled in the Honours International Development Program (INDEV) at the University of Waterloo within the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development (SEED).

SAID strives to foster a strong social and academic community. It provides a channel of communication between the Faculty and the undergraduate body, representing students and promoting student interests through the coordination of cultural, social, and academic activities. SAID hopes to bring together all undergraduate students within the program, as well as professors and community members to promote greater learning and support in all matters relating to International Development. SAID also encourages socially, internationally, and environmentally responsible acts within and on behalf of our community.

Here is a link to the SAID Constitution, revised Fall 2011 and effective January 2012:

SAID Constitution

ESS-SAID Fundraising Account Agreement



What makes International Development at the University of Waterloo different?

You’ll be uniquely positioned to create sustainable development approaches because you will:

  • Study in the only ID program located in an environmental faculty

  • Take 6 business courses – other programs include only 4

  • Spend 8 months on an overseas field experience in Africa, Latin America, or Asia

  • Develop your second language

International Development at the University of Waterloo is a tight-knit community currently composed of over 100 students, and it is growing rapidly each and every year. As a new program we have the ability to spread our influence and expertise to a variety of areas and have a unique placement in which we will work in areas such as: environment and business, environment (conservation), business and community development, and humanitarian relief. We spend three years at the university and our fourth year is spent in a developing country, on a placement with WUSC. This is a requirement of our program and unlike many other INDEV/Global Studies programs, it is incorporated within our program. The sequence of courses along with course descriptions for the program are all seen below.

For more information, visit the International Development website:

Updated (Fall 2014) sequence of courses:

Compare each course in the revised sequence here:

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